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Collage by Italian artist 
Gianfranco Maletti 
Aliette   (Fr) 
Igor-nz  (Ru) 
Raffaele Di Guida   (It) 
foto di architettura popolare in estinzione testimone del duro lavoro delle donne 
Contemporary Russian art : Paintings for sale : Painting portraits 
Pino Fassari    (It) 
Pino Fassari 
Kyle Johnston   (Us) 
Mixed Media Collage Artist
Jonathan Talbot   (Us) 
The works of artist Jonathan Talbot have been exhibited at The National Academy and the Museum of Modern Art...  
Robert Magginetti   (Us) 
Tranquility Base is a site dedicated to collage in all its forms and consists of collages by Robert Magginetti...  
Abstract Painting and Work on Paper.  My work is somewhere between abstract and completely  non-objectiv...
Maria Avila     (Br) 
Lindsay Barrie Art,Photography and Mixed Media Collage.  
Dale Copeland   (Nz) 
Assemblage art by Dale Copeland
Michi Sasamori     (Jp) 
Original Abstract paintings of the contemporary Japanese artist Michi Sasamori. Art of her heart
Angonys    (Au) 
My paintings are visual journals of thoughts and experiences of every-day life....
Martins Raquel    (Pt) 
he major characteristic of my artwork is the combination of figuration and abstraction, while human figures...
Oberti Roberto   (Ch) 
BEVART, original paintings by Beverley Peter Mayers
Momberg Karim    (Cl) 
Naive paintings 
Preben Saxild   (Dk) 
Using strands of colour, Preben Saxild weaves a composition of inner movement ...  
Omnimedial Images Paintings, Graphics, Objects, Videos, Poetry
Digmeart     (In) 
Meenal Chaudhai present an online exhibition of painting and digital art 
Mukadder Aloy Kirmizi    (Tr)                     
My works are extroverted and colourful and include a combination of abstract and concrete.
Gail de Cordova   (Uk) 
When I paint these pictures I am aware of the materiality of them; the paint, the paper, colours, textures...
Non-objective art esploring the inner life... 
Collageart.org    (Us) 
Dedicated to the art of Collage
Collage Gallery   (Us) 
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